Copyright Notice

Ownership of Data

All databases and data provided through Files3 are the property of Files3, located in Shanghai. Files3 asserts full copyright over the content and compilation of data in these databases.

Data Integrity and Guarantee

Files3 guarantees the legality and integrity of the data provided. All data is sourced from legally permissible and publicly available resources. Files3 ensures that all databases sold are compliant with applicable data protection and privacy laws.


Users are prohibited from duplicating, redistributing, or reselling any data obtained from Files3 without explicit permission. Users must adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in the purchase agreement and this copyright notice.


While Files3 guarantees the legal compliance of its databases, it is not liable for any misuse of data by purchasers. Responsibility for the appropriate and legal use of the data rests solely with the purchaser.

Updates to Copyright Notice

Files3 reserves the right to update this copyright notice at any time. Users are encouraged to review this page regularly to stay informed of any changes.

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